Aratos Theater

Who is Aratos Theater?

Aratos was born with the objective of strengthening the culture by producing and presenting both theatrical and cinematographic works, combining these objectives with the continuous training of their professionals and students.

The president of the company, Vasilis Tsikaras, is a theater writer, screenwriter, director and actor. From 2007 he began attending acting courses and participating in theater workshops in Europe, taking the direction of Aratos Theater and creating the section, within the company, «Áratos Films».

Dream Theater Erasmus - Logo Aratos

Tsikaras has directed several plays such as «Fish on the lips», «Spasiba-Data Code», «Spaghetti a la French» or «Disapproval»; and also cinematographic works such as «Frythoria» (2011), «Exodus 1826» (2016-2017 ) and «Siege» (2017-2018), for which he has received many awards.

A team of professionals

Tsikaras does not work alone, Aratos team is completed with a large list of professionals who work together both in the production and in the representation of the works in renowned movie theaters and stages inside and outside Thessaloniki, highlighting the participation in the international festival EDUCATHE Zagreb 2013, Educathe + 2015-2017 and First Open Theater Festival 2013; in which they won the hearts of the audience by receiving significant distinctions.