CPEE Gargasindi

Who is CPEE Gargasindi?

The Gargasindi School is a special education center located in Calp (Alicante) which educates diverse students with special educational needs from 3 to 21 years old. It is for this reason that our main goal as an educational and transformative-of-society center is the individual development of each of our students in order to get a full inclusion and social involvement of them.


Our projects

In this way, the different actions and projects that we carry out are aimed at enabling our students to benefit from standardized environments in interaction with both their peers and with the Educational Community in general. As a specific center, we are committed to offering a quality educational response adapted to the individual needs of our students and therefore we have developed some projects throughout these years as: Mainstream High School inclusion, interactive groups and literacy tertulia carried out by volunteers, person centered plans to draw the life paths for each student and our drama Project.

Arts for personal development

We do believe the possibilities of drama and, in general, of the arts to provide our students real opportunities to develop new ways of communication, expression and inclusion in the social environment. Drama has a positive impact at an educational level, as an individual, in terms of self-esteem, motivation and communication and as well as a social group; taking in account that students work as a team when they obtain a final product that will be played in front of the audience. This way, they obtain social visibility, overcoming of prejudices and social transformation.