TSVETE Theater

Who is TSVETE Theater?

TSVETE Theater is an organization formed by professional actors, directors, psychologists and volunteers. Through the implementation of innovative and interactive theater techniques in Bulgaria, they help children and young people (regardless of their origin and possibilities) to know and to accept themselves and others; to enhance their personal development; and above all to promote their positive inclusion in public life and social sphere.

They are specialized in theatrical training as a tool to improve the learning skills of young people, because through the theater they develop leadership and communication skills, there is a positive impact on self-esteem, teamwork, creative and flexible thinking as well as problem solving.

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TSVETE Theater mission

Participants have an active role in TSVETE, as writers, filmmakers and actors through reflection and shared dialogue, joint understanding and transformation both individually and in groups.

  1. Working FOR and WITH adolescents and their social environment to create conditions for their future positive involvement in social life, regardless their background and capabilities (including people without parent care, with physical or mental disabilities, victims of violence and conflicts)
  2. Motivation the society in solving the problems of adolescents
  3. Introducing Art as a powerful tool in the social, educational and health work with young people.